Best Cat Litter for Heavy Urination [Top 5 Reviewed]

Does your cat pass urine frequently and her heavy urination leaves the litter box wet and stinky? You had better change your cat litter to some other litter that has high urine absorbency and odor control feature.

In this blog post, you will get to read a comprehensive list of best cat litter for heavy urination (in 2022).

In short: If you’re tired of cleaning the litter box again and again because of your cat’s heavy urination and looking for some better cat litter to solve this problem, you have come to the right website.

Let’s solve your problems.

Best Cat Litter for Cats with Increased Urination

Let’s read the benefits, price and other features of each of the above mentioned cat litters for cats with urinary problems.

1. Naturally Fresh Walnut Shell Cat Litter: -

As the name suggests, this litter is 100% natural and is made of walnut shells. The thing that makes this cat litter suitable for a cat with urinary problems is its 3 times greater liquid absorbing capacity than any other litter. As soon as it comes in contact with the urine, it absorbs the entire urine without letting it spread in the litter box. In this process, tiny clumps are formed which can be removed instead of removing the entire cat litter.

· Adequate even if you have more than one cat,

· Chemical free and environment-friendly,

· Paw-friendly,

· Produces natural odor.

2. Fresh Step Advanced Clumping Cat Litter :-

Fresh Step Cat Litter is a game changer cat litter that uses ammonia block technology to prevent bad odor. This technology works by stopping the growth of bacteria and neutralizing troublesome enzymes. As per company claims, it can keep your home smell free up to 10 days. Its high strength formula is capable of absorbing large quantity of cat urine making it suitable for cats with heavy urination.

· Keeps your home clean,

· Builds easy to remove clumps,

· Emits pleasant febreeze smell,

· All age cats can use this cat litter.

3. BoxiePro Probiotic Clumping Cat Litter :-

BoxiePro is a 2018 industry recognition award winner cat litter. This is an all in one cat litter which solves all your cat’s urine related problems. This cat litter forms unique flat top clumps which are easy to lift and remove.

These flat top clumps trap the moisture inside and keep the rest of the cat litter dry. And because of this, less litter is spent in soaking the urine and some litter is always left even after multiple use.

Natural probiotics keep the cat litter smell free. It does not create dust clouds.

· Economical in the long-run,

· Unique flat top clumps for easy cleaning,

· Keeps paws clean,

· Remains clean and fresh after multiple use.

4. Arm & Hammer Clump & Seal Lightweight Litter : -

Arm & Hammer litter is a lightweight cat litter free of litter dust. This litter uses baking soda for removing urine odor which is effective in protecting your home from whiffs of urine for up to 7 days.

Your cat urinating frequently should not be a problem because now, you have a litter that saves you the task of cleaning the litter box again and again.

· Easy litter box maintenance,

· Being lightweight, makes it easy to pour and carry,

· Solid clumps for better scooping.

· No dust formation.

5. Petfive Sustainably Yours Natural Sustainable Multi-Cat Litter : -

Your cat’s litter box becomes a source of offensive smell if urine is not absorbed on time. Therefore, you need the best cat litter that is capable of absorbing large quantity of cat urine on time.

This Petfive cat litter contains cassava and corn that start working instantly and neutralize the bad smell emanating from the cat urine.

Quick and hard clumping action traps both the odor and urine resulting in a cleaner and fresh cat litter box. These clumps do not break while removing.

Since this cat litter is chemical free and not dusty, it does not pose any health issues to your cat.

· Flushable,

· 100% natural,

· Extra strength odor controller,

· Perfect for multi-cat home.

best cat litter for heavy urination

Properties of Best Cat Litter for Heavy Urination

You will need special cat litter to deal with the urinary problems of a cat. A cat litter for heavy urination must possess each of these properties for heavy-duty performance.

  • Capacity to Soak Up High Quantity of Urine :-

Since a cat with urinary problems will urinate frequently in the litter box, best cat litter for heavy urination must be able to soak up all the urine to keep the litter box dry.

If some urine is left unabsorbed, then it will make the litter box dirty and wet which will produce urine smell. Therefore, high urine absorbency should be the first property of such cat litter.

  • Odor Neutralization Power : -

Urine smell is the second problem you will face while dealing with your cat’s heavy urination problem. You will need a cat litter that should be able to remove unpleasant smell of urine.

Make sure you buy a scentless cat litter because sometimes when the smell of cat litter and urine combine, it produces a stinkier smell.

  • Clumping Feature : -

This cat litter must form clumps. Clumps can be easily removed from the litter box when required.

On the other hand, a non-clumping cat litter will become wet after multiple use. And you will have to remove the wet cat litter from the litter box and also clean the litter box as well. While, in case of clumping cat litter, you don’t have to do so.

  • Non-dusty :-

This best cat litter should be dustless as well because frequent use of cat litter might create dust cloud which will create breathing problems for both you and your cat.

  • Affordability : -

A cat with urinary problems is going to use a lot of cat litter. Therefore, you must choose a cat litter that you can afford to keep buying.

Should You Use Non-Clumping or Clumping Cat Litter in Case of Cat with Urinary Problems?

Both non-clumping and clumping cat litters have their pros and cons. A clumping cat litter absorbs the entire urine and forms scoopable clumps. You can easily clean the litter box with the help of a scoop.

While on the other hand, a non-clumping cat litter also absorbs the entire urine but does not form clumps. It keeps absorbing the urine until it gets saturated. You will have to change the entire litter once it reaches the point of urine saturation.

Why is My Cat Urinating a Lot or More Frequently?

If there is excessive urine in the litter box, it means that either your cat is urinating more frequently or she is urinating in larger volumes. Both these health problems occur due to different urinary problems. Therefore, you will have to figure out which one is the actual cause behind excessive urine in the litter box.

If you have been cleaning the litter box of your cat regularly, then you can easily spot the abnormal changes in your cat’s urine frequency and urine quantity.

If your cat is discharging a small amount of urine more frequently, then it might mean that your cat is unable to empty the bladder completely. This may be due to some blockage in the urinary system or maybe the kidney is not producing adequate urine.

If your cat is discharging urine in larger quantities, then it may be due to increased blood glucose. Hormonal changes also result in increased urine formation and excretion in cats.

Only a veterinarian can tell the actual reason behind excessive urine in the litter box and treat it.

When to Switch to another Litter?

If your litter is not absorbing the urine completely and your litter box has started emitting an unpleasant urine smell, it may be an indication that your cat litter is not serving the purpose. In such a situation, you need to change the litter completely every day or maybe two or three times a day.

If you’re facing such a problem, then you need to switch to the best cat litter for heavy urination.

Final Words

You can choose any of the above mentioned best cat litter for heavy urination. But at the end, your cat should be comfortable using that cat litter and it should not also increase your monthly budget.

Make sure to take a veterinarian’s help if the problem persists.